Our company created a store chain “Svit roslyn” that has been working fruitfully for 7 years.

The motto of the store chain “Svit roslyn” is “Everything for fruit and vegetable garden”.

The store chain is aimed at satisfying the demands of orchardists, vegetable growers and cottagers of the city and region.

The store chain resourses allow our company to offer the following products to its final consumers:

- Seeds;

 - Mineral and organic fertilizers

 - Plant-protecting agents;

 - Wide choice of natural flowers;

 - Soils and feedings for house plants;

 - Ceramic and plastic flowerpots;

 - Plant growth stimulants;

 - Lawn mowers;

 - Wide choice of gardening tools.


Stores in Chernigov:

62, Rokossovskogo Street
Phone: (0462) 60-65-70

126A, Mira Avenue
Phone: (0462) 69-18-89

65, Gorkogo Street
Phone: (0462) 67-54-32

11, Gagarina Street
Phone: (0462) 61-00-51

36A, Shevchenko Street
Phone: (0462) 65-15-15

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